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AFCEA London – 2023 – 2024 Season

AFCEA London Chapter – 70th Anniversary – 1954 to 2024

Throughout 2024, we will be marking the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the AFCEA London Chapter.  The actual anniversary date is February 4th and this makes us one of the oldest Chapters in the AFCEA International Association.  It is a testament to all of the Chapter Presidents and Committee volunteers, past and present, who have kept the Chapter functioning and maintained its relevance to our community during all that time.  In 1954, the UK was still rebuilding after WWII; the Korean War had only just ended; conscription for National Service was in place; there was still some food rationing and we were in the early years of the Cold War.  With the current geopolitical situation, some may think that we have almost come full circle!

The London Chapter provides an excellent and lively forum for members of the Services in the communications, electronics and computing community and their colleagues in the Civil Service and Industry.  Meetings are generally held monthly, September to June and typically consist of a talk on a subject aligned with the theme for the season, or of topical interest.  The “default” is face to face / in person meetings, held in Central London locations and each will include an informal networking drinks reception.  However, occasionally, a meeting may, out of necessity, have to take the format of a shorter “virtual” Webinar (i.e. conducted on-line).  Our Webinars are moderated and will always allow plenty of time for questions and answers from the audience.

In addition the Chapter organises its flagship annual TriCyCIS® Conference and post conference formal dinner.  TriCyCIS deals with tri-service Cyber and CIS plans, problems, technologies, innovations and related topics.

Be assured that, whether “real” or “virtual”, the quality our meetings and events and their appeal to our members will always be maintained.