AFCEA UK West Chapter – December 2021- Lt Col Andy Mathias, RLC – Army Digital Services **MEETING CANCELLED**

Thu 09 Dec 21 @ 18:30 – 21:00
Brickhampton Golf Club
Cheltenham Road
Churchdown, Gloucester
Ian Humpherson

AFCEA UK West Chapter – Face-to-Face Meeting.

**********  Please be advised that we have had to cancel the meeting on 9th December. Unfortunately, we did not achieve the minimum attendee number threshold to make this event financially viable. **********

Our December meeting will be on 9th December at the Brickhampton Golf Club, when our Guest Speaker will be Lt Col Andy Mathias, RLC –  Army Digital Services, HQ Army.  Please note the change of speaker from our original posting.

The subject of Andy’s talk will be “Culture and Leadership in software development: The drive towards empowered teams”

Army Digital Services (ADS) is refining and implementing its digital transformation but many challenges and hurdles remain. Some people might think that it’s all about the technology and what that will deliver but that is only a part of the story.

Few would argue that team empowerment is not a critical ingredient in successful delivery of software applications at scale. Nurturing that empowerment must surely be a deliberate activity that needs to resonate not just within the team itself but right throughout the organisation. Achieving this in the right balance, especially against a backdrop of inertia, is ultimately a product of culture and leadership.

This talk will provide a perspective from ADS on:

  • the importance of culture and leadership in setting the conditions for successful empowerment and hence delivery
  • the need to challenge legacy mindsets which act as a barrier to transformation
  • exploiting success as catalyst for growth at scale


The running and management of this event will be governed by any Covid restrictions that may remain in place at the venue and the numbers of attendees may be limited accordingly.

For further information and booking details please see the information below. A version of the PDF can be downloaded here.

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