AFCEA London – February 2023 – “Defence Cyber Marvel Two” – Cyber Exercise hosted by UK MoD *FULLY SUBSCRIBED*

Mon 13 Feb 23 @ 17:00 – 20:00
MoD Main Building
Chris Yorke

**Please note that this meeting is now fully subscribed**

AFCEA London Chapter – Face to Face Meeting.

Billed as Western Europe’s largest cyber exercise, “Defence Cyber Marvel 2 – TacFwd” is being hosted by UK MoD.  The AFCEA London Chapter has been invited to attend a briefing on the evening of 13th February 2023 when we will be able to watch as power grids and battlefield robots are being hacked.  There will be dial in briefings from around the world.

“Defence Cyber Marvel 2 – TacFwd.  Visit the London based tactical forward headquarters, of Western Europe’s largest live fire cyber exercise.  Organised by a group of regular and reservists SMEs, who after 12 months of planning and build up activities, deliver this capstone event where the 36 competing military, x-government, industry and international teams get to experience what a bad day in Cyberspace means.  In a cyber fight tonight with the resources they have to hand.  Building digital war fighters ready for conflict in the asymmetric age.”

There will be a post-meeting networking drinks reception.

Bookings are now open, but please be aware that because of mandatory escorting logistics within MoD, numbers will be strictly limited to a maximum of 30 people.  This will undoubtedly be a very popular meeting, and bookings will be accepted on a first come first served basis.  We would like to encourage young grad trainees and apprentices to attend this event.

When booking, please indicate if you do NOT have a current MoD Clearance.  Simply add the words “NO Clearance” after you enter your details in the Govt Department or Military Organization or Company/​Role box. We do not need any further details.  This will enable us to determine the number of people who will require to be escorted whilst in the building.