AFCEA UK Southern Chapter – May 2024 – Professor Patrick Baker and Evie Snedker – RAF Rapid Capability Office @ Farnham Castle
May 23 @ 18:30 – 23:00

AFCEA UK Southern Chapter – Face-to-Face Meeting

The May 2024 Southern Chapter meeting will take place on Thursday 23rd May at Farnham Castle

The title for the evening is ‘AI in Defence, an ethical dilemma or not?’ and the guest speakers are Professor Patrick Baker and Evie Snedker, both from the RAF’s Rapid Capability Office.

AI and ethics, do they mix? AI is now becoming integrated within our daily lives. It has a vast and amazing range of uses, but when does it’s use cross the boundary into being unethical? Are AI and ethics symbiotic, or is AI going to use the ‘ones and zeros’ to calculate an answer or make a decision; can the military ethically use AI or has an unethical Arms Race been started?

More information can be found on the calling notice below. A version can be downloaded here.