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AFCEA UK is building a resources library, which will include white papers, case studies and other items of interest to our members. We hope that these documents will be relevant to your work, or spark a general interest as part of your continuing professional development. You may wish to bookmark this page as we will be adding more content.

Cyber Warfare on the Home Front – Part 1: Setting the Scene
Author: Andy Gudgeon OBE
Date: June 2020

In cyberspace, the Home Front is not a geographic region.  It is a metaphor for where digital services, digital-enabled services, online domestic activity and social interaction occur.  It is the place where the local population is subject to malicious cyber activity.  The Home Front is therefore the ultimate testbed for cyber capability, the terrain which camouflages state-sponsored manoeuvre and intelligence gathering.  Cyberwarfare on the Home Front is happening today and over a series of articles, I will lay out my hypotheses that state-led actors operate under unwritten ‘letters of marque’ akin to those issued by the Admiralty in the 1500s.  They operate within the jurisdiction of crime below the threshold of military response and the fight to counter them is futile without counter-strike.

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Home Working – The New Normal
Author: Air Cdre (rtd) Rick Holt
Date: May 2020

The “New Normal” for those at work in the medium to long term is already being established, with substantial home working under Lockdown.  The technology permitting remote working like Zoom and other multi-participant video apps has existed for some time, but Covid – 19 and Lockdown has forced what might have been about 5 years of take-up and change in the workplace to happen more or less overnight.  This is true for business and has to be so for education, health, etc, right up to how we live our lives personally.  Lockdown has forced us to re-think fundamentally how we live and work.  

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